Grow’s Story

Our founders met at Cornell after building products in finance (Bridgewater Associates & Merrill Lynch), healthcare (Epic), and education (Teachers Pay Teachers). Together, they decided to change feedback forever.

Feedback in the workplace is broken. What people want is to learn and grow. Unfortunately, the limited feedback most people get is for their employer to evaluate their compensation, not to help them evolve. Grow is changing that.

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Grow’s Mission

Build safe cultures where individuals grow more rapidly and teams collaborate more effectively - ultimately achieving more, together.

We’ll do that by helping people overcome the barriers to understanding and sharing their thoughts and feelings so they can get matched with tasks, roles, and teams where they’ll be a perfect fit.

A team built on Values

Reflect (especially when it’s uncomfortable)

We pause and reflect, view exploration as a learning experience, and are constantly curious about what we might be missing. Sure, sometimes it’s easier to look the other way or to shy away from something scary, but then there’s no room for growth.

Act (like an owner: proactively & autonomously)

We proactively develop our own mental models to identify problems and define solutions. We focus on all the reasons why we should try something new. In doing so, we take concrete steps towards making things better for our team, our business, and our users.

Benefits of Joining Our Team

Helping You Grow

Our feedback culture ensures that you’ll grow through the wisdom of our team. Plus, we align your growth with the growth of our business so you can work on the projects you want - whenever and from wherever works for you!

Helping People Grow

Our products help people become their best selves by finding their zone of genius. As a member of our team, you’ll be empowered to shape our business strategy, product roadmap, and features - helping people around the world grow together!

Helping the Earth Grow

We partner closely with non-profits focused on reforestation to improve air and water quality, combat climate change, and improve the livelihoods of farmers around the world. We love enabling our users to improve the planet while they improve themselves!

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