Let’s Grow Together

Plant real trees and use our feedback templates!

Feb 25 2020 · 1 minute read

We’re excited to help you give and get more feedback with these two new features!

🌳 Plant Trees 🌳

Whenever you use Grow with a teammate, you plant and nurture a virtual tree. Once your shared tree is big enough, we partner with Eden Projects to plant a real tree to celebrate your shared commitment toward personal growth!

Open Grow to start planting a tree now!

✏️ Feedback Templates ✏️

Grow’s feedback templates and examples help you quickly send high quality feedback.

Start growing with your team in less than 1 minute by adding Grow to your Slack at https://getgrow.io/login! Want to chat about how Grow can help you or features you’d like to see? Book some time with us here..