Let’s Grow Together

Send quick surveys, save drafts, and see your team's engagement!

May 4 2020 Β· 1 minute read

We’re excited to help teams around the world achieve more together with these three new features!

πŸ—³ Surveys πŸ—³

Use Grow’s anonymous surveys and quickly capture insights from your team.

πŸ“ Drafts πŸ“

Save drafts of your feedback to finalize your thoughts later.

πŸ“Š Team Engagement Graphs πŸ“Š

Visualize your team’s Grow activity and top skills over time. Open Grow to see it now.

Start growing with your team in less than 60 seconds by adding Grow to your Slack now at https://getgrow.io/login! Want to chat about how Grow can help you or features you’d like to see? Book some time with me here.