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A NER above 100% meansevery hire results in additional hiresA NER above 100% meansyour teams are aligned and empoweredNet Employee Retention CalculatorTIMEPotentialNER = 100%Where most areRETURN ONTALENT INVESTMENTEvery $1 returns < $1when employees eventually leaveEvery $1 returns > $1when employees start recruiting for youROTINet Employee Retention (NER)Measure your Growth Culture viato recruit & retain the right peoplePeople with values that align with your culture regardlessof their previous experience or where they’re located.People with skills to tackle the challenges of your openroles today... and your business of tomorrow.People who are so engaged that they’ll proactively helprecruit for your businessAligned employees understand how their work impactstheir career, their team, and their company. They identifyand solve problems because their personal goals alignwith business outcomes.Empowered employees have the tools and resourcesthey need to take ownership of their career and haveclarity on how to achieve their wildest dreams.Prove that you’re saving money by linking the impact ofyour people initiatives to a quantifiable monetary value.We help you build a business case, secure a budget, andultimately invest in your people & culture.