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Grow Pricing

You can get started with Grow for free in under a minute on our Starter plan. Grow Starter will let you and your team exchange an unlimited amount of feedback.

If you’re looking for customization, analytics & insights, performance reviews, feedback training, or HRIS integrations - check out Grow Pro or Grow Enterprise!
Yes! You can get Grow Pro for a part of your larger organization.

We’ve had plenty of clients get started by purchasing Grow Pro for a single team. Once they see how engaged their team becomes and how many meaningful conversations get sparked, they can’t wait to roll Grow Pro out more broadly!

Why Grow?

Our clients tell us that they’ve been paying monthly for tools people only use once a year. There’s a time and place for annual reviews (and Grow can help you make them less painful), but they’re not what your team actually wants.

Your team is craving high-quality, meaningful feedback that can help them learn. When feedback is visible to managers/executives and determines compensation, the incentives shift from helping people learn to advancing and protecting their careers. No wonder 85% of people don’t receive enough feedback and only 17% of what they receive is meaningful!

Grow helps ensure your team is regularly sharing high-quality feedback for learning by providing templates and keeping conversations private - the way they should be. You can then use the feedback you’ve given and received in Grow to quickly write annual reviews. But seriously, if you’re going to pay for something - shouldn’t it be something people actually use?
Recognition platforms are great for flash-in-the-pan motivation, but people are left without an understanding of how to improve. People now value opportunities to learn and grow more than even compensation when deciding where to work. Not only can you recognize others in Grow with positive feedback, but Grow also makes it easy to include suggestions on how to improve.
Absolutely! We know how hard it can be to come up with questions, manage permissions, and nag people - because we’ve been there ourselves! Not only do we have experience building these ad-hoc solutions at previous companies, we’ve helped many of our clients shift away from Google Forms to streamline their operations.
Grow never intends to replace your 1:1s. However, 1:1 conversations are ephemeral without a log of topics discussed or action items. Grow’s Log 1:1 feature can help make your existing 1:1’s more effective by crystallizing your conversations, automatically following-up on action items, and reference historical feedback during growth conversations.

Getting Started with Grow

Once a single person adds Grow into a Slack workspace, it is available for everyone to use. You can start exchanging feedback immediately.
Yes! We’ve planted over 10,000 already! We partner with non-profits to celebrate our users building relationships and growing together :)
Grow is perfect for any team that values communication and collaboration. Grow has helped SMBs with 30-100 employees scale more effectively and enterprises with 1,000+ employees drive performance. Grow has even helped teams of 2 build stronger marriages!