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Convert’s mission is to create reliable, fairly priced and bug-free optimization apps that help businesses generate more revenue, get more conversions, and create better site experiences.

Victoria Harrison, Head of PeopleOps, helps achieve this mission by building a culture that lives up to their three core values where great people feel supported and achieve their full potential.

Core Values:

  • Empowerment (what we achieve through work)
  • Trustworthy (how we behave with people)
  • Conscious Business (how we interact with the world)

Convert’s leadership team recognized that people are their biggest asset and could do an even better job amplifying the ways they empower, build trust, and give back to help the company innovate and excel.

“As a company, we want to have more grip on what we define as culture and how we see performance. It was always hard to measure. Fun and positive feedback always was shared widely but the learning and growth opportunities less so.”

The Solution

“Grow makes requesting and giving feedback quick and easy. As a remote first company, we spend a lot of time in Slack and the simple integration means it isn’t a challenge.”

After experimenting with Grow Starter, Converters realized that getting feedback empowered them to improve, own their development, and unlock their potential. They upgraded to Grow Pro and kicked things off with a training session to develop their understanding of why feedback is important.

They set a target of requesting feedback from fellow Converters twice per week at key moments: for example, asking for feedback after important meetings where you’ve interacted with others to understand how you’re doing.

“Grow is making giving and receiving feedback an intrinsic part of Convert's culture. Grow’s presence is a constant reminder that sharing both kudos and constructive inputs is part & parcel of being a Converter. Grow’s UX is simple, uncluttered, and intuitive enough to take on without any training or additional guidance.”

The Result

Convert began reporting actionable feedback as a weekly KPI to track how frequently people were giving suggestions to one another about how to improve, which is what ultimately helps them grow.

“Positive feedback is easy to do. But actionable feedback is harder, and that's where Grow shines. Grow gives you text, video, and audio templates which have made us more honest with each other.”

Convert also tracks how many trees they’ve planted to help work towards their vision of planting 1,178,600 trees so that the next generation can walk in shade from Montreal to Cancun!

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