Grow raises money to end burnout by building Growth Cultures. Learn more in this note from our CEO.

🌍 People across 62 countries took over 1M actions, exchanged 291,910 messages in 40 different languages, and planted 110k+ trees. Grow is going global!

📈 We 5x’d revenue, 4x’d headcount, Slack wrote about us, we won Product Hunt’s Green Earth Festival, and our users shared their thoughts on “Why I Grow”.

💸 We raised capital from world-class investors (Red Swan, Craft, Charge) after graduating from accelerators (500 Startups, Humans in the Wild, Stage2).

🐝 We’ve been busy helping our users grow by building new products like: Rewards, Focus, Reflect, Calendar, Extensions, and our Web Platform. Here are some stats:

  • 72% of grows were people sharing that they’re grateful, amazed, and inspired by one another.
  • 41% of grows were actionable with suggestions on how to improve.
  • 46% of grows were about collaboration, communication, leadership, and commitment - soft skills that are becoming critical for hybrid, remote, and distributed teams.
  • 59% of our users are excited about deeper integrations with meetings
  • 85% of reflections include insights from our users about their progress

2022 and Beyond

🚀 We’re excited to make the Growth Hub the place you go to grow. We’ll continue helping people overcome the barriers to understanding and sharing their thoughts and feelings so they can get matched with projects, roles, and teams where they’ll be a perfect fit. We’ll measure our success with Net Employee Retention.

🤝 Want to join us? Reach out to schedule a demo or learn about our culture and apply to an open role.

🌱 Let’s Grow Together!


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