Grow raises money to end burnout by building Growth Cultures. Learn more in this note from our CEO.

My Commitment to Growth

I’ve always been energized by helping others grow. That’s come in many forms throughout my life: coaching teammates on the soccer field, tutoring peers in the classroom, and mentoring colleagues in the workplace.

After managing teams at Bridgewater Associates and Teachers Pay Teachers, I decided to try building a tool so people on my remote/hybrid team could help each other grow. When other teams started asking about and using the tool, I realized there might be an opportunity to help even more people.

Fast forward two years. Today, I am honored that tens of thousands of people across 62 countries trust me and our team to help them grow. I’m grateful to our investors & advisors for believing in a better future and providing us with support to make it happen.

Having said that, growth is really hard. While there are many barriers, I’ve been hearing one repeatedly: people are burning out and disengaging.

People are burning out

Remote/hybrid work means people are digitally connected but emotionally disconnected. Gone are hallway conversations after meetings, team lunches, and other moments where people used to organically connect. Without connection, trust erodes and people keep quiet… but they’re more open than ever to answer recruiters and “see what else is out there”.

People are disengaging

Managers are working overtime to hit deadlines… but many start slipping. They’re struggling to get alignment on existing priorities while new requests keep piling up. Collaboration starts feeling forced and custom spreadsheets, 1:1s, and workshops aren’t helping.

People are quitting

75%+ of employees want to quit and it’s easier for them to find jobs elsewhere than at their current company. Once they leave, everyone else scrambles to fill the gaps. Not only does this put more pressure on your current team amplifying the burnout problem, it costs 2x someone’s salary to replace them.

It doesn’t have to be this way

Our team analyzed data and conducted thousands of interviews with executives, PeopleOps/HR leaders, managers, and individual contributors around the world. Our learnings indicate that the key to solving burnout, disengagement, and quitting is to build a Growth Culture.

Growth Cultures Align & Empower

When people are aligned, they understand how their work impacts their career, their team, and their company. When people are empowered, they have tools to take ownership of their career and have clarity on how to achieve their wildest dreams.

Growth Cultures Attract & Retain Talent

Employees who are aligned and empowered are happier and stay with companies longer. What most people miss, however, is that these people will also proactively recruit by sharing their growth stories and referring candidates from their network.

I’m here to help

I’ve dedicated my life to helping others grow. I’d love to help you, your team, and your business. Here are a few things I can offer to get you started: join The Growth Hub, measure your Net Employee Retention, and shoot me an email

Let’s Grow Together 🌱

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