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What is the Grow Influencer Programme?

An exclusive, invite-only community of the world’s leading growth experts who share advice & frameworks with millions of Grow users around the world to help them have more meaningful growth conversations.

We’ll surface your thought leadership as blog posts, podcasts, and most importantly: templates within Grow. Here’s an example:

Who qualifies as a Grow Influencer?

The Grow Influencer Programme is currently invite-only. If there’s someone you think would be a good fit, please reach out to us on live chat or by e-mailing

What to expect

After you submit, Team Grow will take a first pass at creating templates based on your thoughts and advice. After you review them, we will then surface your templates to our global community of Growers!

Plus, we’ll plant 1,000 trees and give you a certificate to thank you for your help 🌳

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