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Yoga International: Growing to Share Yoga with the World

Since 1991, Yoga International has been on a mission to share yoga with the world. They started as a print magazine and have grown into one of the world’s leading online yoga organizations. They’ve done this by embodying their core values:

  • Lead (we trust our people to drive our business)
  • Innovate (we embrace new ways to share yoga)
  • Collaborate (we treat our people as people)
  • Serve (we center our business on our values)

The Problem

As they scaled the team and transitioned to remote / distributed work they noticed that they were having some challenges embodying their values. In particular, the team was quite introverted and didn’t share as openly with one another asynchronously, which made collaborating more difficult.

They sought out a solution that let people support one another whenever they stepped into new roles, acquired new skills, or addressed new business challenges.

The Solution

The leadership team decided to try Grow with one another. They naturally began using Grow with other people they interacted with. Soon, everyone in the organization began supporting one another through feedback.

Grow makes feedback so accessible. It’s so easy to use and I love watching my trees grow alongside me as I grow!””

Page Olver, Senior Project Manager
Page Olver
Senior Project Manager

Grow helped people learn more about why feedback is important for long-term growth, the different types of feedback (appreciation, coaching, evaluation), and most importantly: how to give high-quality feedback via in-product tips and templates. Plus, it reinforces and normalizes the practice of giving feedback.

The Results

Grow has made a discernible difference in the amount of feedback given at Yoga International. It’s helped every team member grow in alignment with the company values which has been crucial for our organization’s growth and effectiveness.

Using Grow daily has planted seeds of nourishment in individuals, which has improved the quality of outcomes to our customers and cultivated a more collaborative workplace; much like the benefits of planting trees to mitigate climate change and continually nourish the people on this planet.””

Janessa Mondestin, Director of Culture
Janessa Mondestin
Director of Culture

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